Organic Garden

03 Nov 2017

From Seed to Soup

Last year, each class planted vegetable seeds in our organic garden. We took care of our garden throughout the year with the help of Ms. Longworth.  We picked all of our vegetables whenever they were ready and Ms. Longworth came back and showed us how to make soup with our very own vegetables a few […]

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06 Apr 2017

Green Fingers!

We had so much fun in the garden today. We planted potatoes, fennel and wildflowers. Our senior classes planted more vegetables and herbs also. We will have a very impressive garden in a few short months. Make sure to visit and see for yourselves!

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29 Mar 2017

Planting seeds

We planted seeds with Ms. Longworth. We planted tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce and wildflowers. We will take it in turns to water our seeds and watch them grow.

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21 Dec 2016

Planting garlic with Ms. Longworth

We planted garlic in the school garden. It will be ready in June!

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15 Nov 2016

Bug Hunt

In September, we (Ms. Mc Nulty’s class) went on a bug hunt in the garden. We found lots of different creepy crawlies. We drew pictures of them and then went back to the classroom where we discovered what they were all called. The bugs we found included beetles, centipedes, spiders, woodlice and worms.

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30 Oct 2016

Fun in the Garden!

Our school garden became a little overgrown during the summer holidays so we all helped to tidy it up. Ciara Barrett and Ms. Longworth showed us what to do. We gathered seeds and took cuttings that can be planted in the garden next year. We love to spend time in the garden.

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14 Oct 2016


Some of the children from the senior room preparing the raised beds for next Spring.

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