Problem of the Week – Senior

15 May 2017

Senior Problem: The Tomato Plant

We need to feed our tomato plants each week from now on. The instructions on the tomato feed bottle says ’20mls to 4 litres of water’. How many mls do we need for 1 litre of water?

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03 Apr 2017

Senior Problem: New Runners

Áine wants to buy new runners. They are priced at €50. When she gets to the checkout, she learns there is 20% off the price. How much does Áine pay for the runners?

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27 Mar 2017

Mrs. Smith’s Garden

Mrs. Smith is planting her garden. She plants 84 seeds in total. Half of them are carrots and half of them are radishes. How many radishes did Mrs. Smith plant?

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13 Mar 2017

Balloon Bursting

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06 Mar 2017

Digit Detector

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13 Feb 2017

Seven up!

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06 Feb 2017

Puzzle time!

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30 Jan 2017

Figure it out!

3 x (6 + 8) – 21 = ?  

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05 Dec 2016

Christmas Day 2021

This year Christmas Day falls on a Sunday. On what day of the week will Christmas Day in 2021 fall?

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28 Nov 2016

Calculator Challenge (3)

Use a calculator to find two consecutive numbers with a product of 506.

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