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School Attendance Information for Parents:

Don’t let your child miss out (Tusla, Child and Family Agency)


Standardised Tests:

Standardised tests measure your child’s achievement in literacy and numeracy compared to other children throughout the country at the same class level or age level. Cliffoney N.S. uses standardised tests every year from 1st class – 6th class. In our school we inform parents of the test results using STen scores. Below you can find a useful information leaflet produced by the NCCA. Further information for parents on standardised testing, as well as translations of the leaflet in different languages can be found by clicking this link.

Information for Parents: Your Child and Standardised Testing (NCCA)



Information for Parents: Aistear (NCCA)


Helping your child…

Helping your child in junior and senior infants (NCCA)
Helping your child in first and second classes (NCCA)
Helping your child in third and fourth classes (NCCA)
Helping your child in fifth and sixth classes (NCCA)

For more tip sheets and advice from the the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), follow the link.

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