22 Nov 2016

Shopping Mad!

Here in first and second class we have been practising our shopping skills! We will be well able for helping with the Christmas shopping now. We have been learning about money and how to use it in our Crazy Prices shop.

20161116_134141-1494x2656                              20161116_135831-1494x2656                           20161116_134733-1494x2656

20161116_135640-2656x1494          20161116_135344-2656x1494                                                20161116_135242-2656x1494          20161116_135227-2656x1494                                                 20161116_135012-2656x1494          20161116_134454-2656x1494                                                 20161115_100519-2656x1494          20161115_100516-2656x1494                                                 20161115_100511-2656x1494          20161116_135837-2656x1494

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