30 Oct 2016

Theme: The Doctor’s Surgery & The Hospital

In October, we learned about the doctor’s surgery and the hospital. We learned that a doctor or a nurse helps people when they are unwell. In role-play, we pretended to be doctors, nurses, receptionists and patients. The receptionist was very good at taking the patient’s personal details and managing the waiting room. The patients had all kinds of medical issues from coughs and colds to broken arms and bumps on the head! The doctors and nurses carefully examined and treated all their patients. Everyone left the doctor’s surgery or hospital with a clean bill of health!

We talked a lot about keeping healthy and caring for our bodies. Covering our cough or sneeze helps prevent the spread of germs and washing your hands after using the bathroom is very important too. We practiced washing our hands during water play and some people became doctors making medicines. We set up an active zone in one of our stations. The children used hula hoops, beanbags, skipping ropes and small balls to do exercise.

In the small worlds and construction areas, we designed hospitals. The children made sure there was an Accident & Emergency room and a Children’s Ward in every hospital.  We really enjoyed learning about the doctor’s surgery and the hospital.

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